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Company Profile

Company Background

Since 2010, FAURAU SERVICE LIMITED has engaged in development, manufacture and sale of high reliable and cost-effective insect killer, mosquito killer lamp to global customers. By 2013, FAURAU outgrew a privately held corporation with two plants and the headquarters located in Zhongshan, which covers about 45, 000 square foot and employs approximately 1, 200 people.

Production Abilities

Nowadays, FAURAU manufactures some 1, 000 mosquito killer lamp supplies each month. FAURAU optimizes Just in Time (JIT) resource planning and inventory control and supports its customers with minimized lead-times and flexible delivery schedule.

Quality Assurance

FAURAU's facilities are certified by ISO9001, and its products are also recognized by CE, UL, TUV, CSA, FCC etc. To assure quality and safety. FAURAU's modern facilities incorporate world-class manufacturing capabilities and technologies to produce high quality power supplies.

   Inductor Systems
   Lamp board Systems
   In-circuit Auto-test Systems
   Automated Parts Storage & Retrieval System
   Automatic Test Systems

Our Advantages

FAURAU will continue to excel towards providing perfect power management solutions, we are confident to be your outstanding provider through:

   The latest technologies
   Real-time technology supports from dedicated and trained engineer team
   Rapid response to pre-sales and after-sales requests
   A worldwide spread market network


FAURAU takes pride in its expertise to offer high quality power supplies for all purpose applications. You will be invited to visit FAURAU's plants at any time to see how does FAURAU design and manufacture, also welcome to contact FAURAU to obtain professional technology assistances.



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